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Sparkle Barbie's Big Adventure - Halloween

SPARKLE BARBIE WENT OUT! The perfect Earrings!!  I have sooo many accessories!! For this night I wore these heels and a light cape! Going to a rooftop party means even higher platforms, bigger eyes, and a stylish JACKET!  Also need My BarbieTrademark! DOLL EYES Barbie in the CITY, where is the party? Where is Ken? Barbie just checking her hair! I see you! Just a little more pink and Barbie will be PERFECT! The Beautiful Skyline View from The Standard LA Downtown! BARBIE found this lovely lady!  How Charming and Fashionable! Barbie and DOMO!!  Taking it all in, Barbie LOVES A PARTY! WHAT A NIGHT IN THE CITY! Barbie had so much fun!  I'll just rest here on my perfect PINK COUCH!!
Shoes: Carlos Santana/ Dollhouse Gap Tights Walmart Girls Country Diva Dress Play jewelry and Hot Topic eatrings Makeup styling by Alexandria Embleton most photographs taken by Jessica Lyle and post editing by Alexandria