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Marriage: Bliss or Battlefield?

You know how our generation (80's-90's kids) all have divorced parents? Okay so not ALL, but most.  Our grandparents mostly all stayed together, through the 50's, 60's,70's so our parents tried to do what they were supposed to, marry their first love and have some kids.  But as years went on and women felt more power to ask for more, many married couples split up, leaving most of America's Generation Y in broken homes.  So that's our example.  Not the suppressed woman stuck in the kitchen in the 60s but the single parent, the dating parent or the "made" family parent home.  With such opposition and a high divorce rate what is the sanctity of marriage anymore and is the institution even worth it? Questions I'm sure many of you may be asking and are very common in this day.

Are we even cut out to be husbands or wives? Do we even know what that means?  If divorce is such an available out why do we ever spends thousands on a party and promise for…