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Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

OCTOBER is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!
This affects men and women across the globe!  Join the cause to bring education and awareness to everyone so that we can work towards prevention and a cure!
Visit Susan G. Komen for the Cure for more information and a way to get involved!
As a Loyola Marymount Marians Alumna,  I will continue to "Save Second Base!"
Marians 2006 Marians 2007  Breast Cancer Walk in Long Beach! Cheering for the Runners!
This was a few years ago during my undergrad, but I had a wonderful experience with Marians and truly made lasting friendships...These women still inspire me to continue with service and action!

Here is a touching video reflecting the experience!
Every October, every year! Breast Cancer Awareness
I'll always love...
The few,  the proud,  the Marians!

2007 Marians Formal 2008 Father Lawton's Senior Thank You to Service Men and Women 2008

Founded in 2003, Marians is "a group of friends committed to the betterment of women and children i…

Que Sera Sera to Love

In not looking for love, it found me anyway, reluctantly

However, just because you didn't want to risk it all

to be cut open and vulnerable again

doesn't mean you fall for someone who also didn't want love.

Because when you grow and change, they may stay the same.

The 50/50 effect;  one will fall sooner or later

starts the rift, saddens the soul, leaves you home alone.

Friends. Lovers. or Nothing.

No hard feelings or bitter taste, just maybe too hopeful for what couldn't be.

Silly girl, silly love, to happen upon a once broken and bitter me.

From girl to woman I know not to ignore those epic feelings and intuitions.

Better oneself, but don't change the blueprint, for you are who you are

And you already have been what you will be.

Just see and love thyself and continue to evolve and accept,

Que sera sera,

Love will be when it will be when it shall, as it will, forever 'til.

the end.