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What I learned in 25 years...

Do not let anyone tell you that you are not good enough or lovable enough.

It's OK to make a choice and act.  Our actions define us, not our intentions.

Worry is the misuse of imagination.

Credit cards are not invisible is debt, borrowing, bad...and you have to pay them back.

My college degree is worth the least I need to never stop trying to achieve my dreams so this will be true.

Parents are people too, human even and make mistakes, and did the best they could when they did, love 'em anyway.

A gas leak should never go unfixed.

Following the directions usually leads to success, though in some messed up way life didn't come with instructions, so winging it and risking are kinda part of it all.  so that means there's no perfect path.

Never settle for something when you know you're ready (even if you're scared) for more. JUMP!

Listen to your intuition, your body, your will help guide you.

Friends are your chosen family, choose wise…

Audrey is Beauty
Audrey is one of my fav ladies of all time.

A Look into My Life

shorter new haircut blingy ringy - bows before bros lol new area rug friends no THANK YOU!! Best new addition handed to me by the artist himself! singin and playin A little N'Orleans foods found a piggy watering can - keepin in mind when I have plants :D polka dots and bbqs Santee Lakes, that catfish got away...