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Showing posts from July 31, 2011


I've been watching you
you every move
I have calculated
through the grooves
and I can't stop the constant motion
the seizure tripping
our bodies fusion

tell no lies
that wouldn't be fair
to play as one
and be another
or to want lazily
the love without the work

if open to risk
leap into the unknown
unprotected from my caged built home
our dance is flawed
and I am too
he said its scary
now that there's something to lose

loving safe never got anyone anywhere
no longer want a strangers empty stare
I promise if you keep me I will share
myself. my love. my soul.

I Dream of CHANEL

All I do is dream of you                                                the whole day through...

I <3 Chanel

pics: ilovewildfox