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Showing posts from July 3, 2011

Amazing Rooms and Decor

La Dolce Vita Look at this amazing master bathroom!!! Beautiful oraclefox lovely accents to an aged rustic feel Twolia OOOO AAAAHHH. I LOVE this color scheme and its just purty isn't it!   Proper but chic with a feminine feel! La Dolce Vita I adore this vanity AND the animal print accents.  I definitely have zebra print/ white tiger stuff throughout my apartment. Twolia WALLPAPER and its MANY uses!! Look at this funky idea!! Twolia Pristine whites and baby pinks for a clean cut bright look

Summer Love and Fashions

The Glamourai
This skirt and photograph are amazing.  Check our her blog to get ideas from her awesome style and cute finds.  Love love love The Glamourai   Also I dig this outfit in every way.  AND CHECK OUT THOSE WEDGES!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE her flowy blues and chunky platforms.  Perfect for this nice weather we've been having, now I just need the right party/date/wedding to wear it to.  Sheer blouses are a definite DO!  ALSO Pairing feminine with that fun ripped short look allows you to use your finer pieces and make them summery and casual
HEELS AND SHORTS summer must haves via SONG OF STYLE
STRIPE(s) Alexa Chung in Stripes and adorable flats
Not all stripes seem nautical...this outfit is classy, young and fresh and doesn't necessarily represent a Mariners garb or a candy striper.  Alexa always has amazing outfits.
AN-I-Mal prints