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Who AM I?

Who am I?
When I forget myself, I come back to whom and what I love the most. When I lose sight of my passions, I look within myself When I see my flaws, I reach to improve and grow And when I sing, I let it all show...
I don't have a favorite color because I can't pick between that Tiffany Blue, Purple and Pink. I like my coffee typically with 2 Splendas unless it's really good coffee then I'll take it black. I sleep best when I have a soft blanket near my face Every time I see open space I have an intense urge to cartwheel, also why I wear shorts under dresses so I can do so on a whim. I feel the most joy, the most myself, the most alive when I'm on a stage, center of attention. My wardrobe is a testament to my bargain and sale shopping addiction, but I do get complimented often on my unique and eclectic style.   I have a pig collection of sorts, wooden, ceramic, plush...even a cutting board. For some reason I can't keep plants alive. My Guitar is a Taylor Acoustic and I …

Malibu Family Wines - Summer Hotspot

I first went to Malibu Family Wines in the summer of 2010 to see my friend Conor play a Sunday set from1-3.  I loved the ambiance and was there with a great group of people who brought food and enjoyed the sunshine.  Since then I have been there two more times actually in the last 2 months.  It has become a new "getaway" that is a nice change of scenery but close enough to home.  In the rolling hills of Malibu, rests this oasis, a vineyard that yields delicious wines and offers tastings of wines all around California.  Whether you are spending a afternoon or evening eating cheese and tasting, or attending a wedding, or reaping the benefits of the Semler, Saddlerock or Vinter's Club, you are sure to enjoy yourself on their beautiful grounds.  
The last time I went with my roommate and AH contributor, Jessica and we both earned the prestigious Wino Badge on Foursquare!
Its ok to be a little jealous :p
I personally have enjoyed the 06 Semler Syrah, the 09 Semler Syrah and the …

I am a child of Fibromyalgia - Surviving a Parent's Illness

I can't remember the last time my mother held me.  Even as a child I don't remember her holding me or picking me up.  Shortly after I was born I stopped breathing.  I turned every color in the rainbow, much the same as I did when I was four when I choked on a lifesaver a stranger gave me.  Luckily I came out ok, but as a newborn I was in the hospital for a week.  My mother no doubt came back to the hospital every two hours to feed me.  I was her miracle baby that was almost gone, she wasn't about to half-ass motherhood.  I know she held me then and rocked me and loved me.  I was connected to a heart monitor and wires and shortly after went cross-eyed. To her, I was the most beautiful baby without a single imperfection and she always treated me so.  I got a lot of attention as a baby because I needed it to survive.  My big sister always looking on, knowing I'd look up to her and want to be just as old as her one day. Those were the times my mom with such patience and to…