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Coachella 2011 Fashion Guide

Everyone's talking about COACHELLA this year (If you don't know what this is you clearly are irrelevant, and yes its SOLD OUT). Though as much I love music, right now I love money more, so I'm opting out of the fest of heat and hi-rolling, if you know what I mean.  I'm sure one of these days I'll trek it but not this year, sigh, if only Daft Punk waS going to be there...le sigh.  I am pleased to announce Alexandria in Hollywood's new blog contributor. the ineffable and always stylish, JESSICA LYLE!!  I have raided her closet and her brain for Coachella outfit ideas and styles.  Yes she will be there and she'll be celebrating her birthday!!  Hipsters and music lovers beware!

Though LA Weekly's blog properly jokes about this years Coachella probabilistic outfits, one can only hope they hit the "cool-hip-trendy- music-loving" vibe and not the "you look insane/high/freeaky" vibe. Granted to me feeling high and freeky is better than looki…

Marinara Meatball with Naan - Quick Dinner #1

This is my first cooking post!!  I thought it was about time I shared some of my simple affordable meals with my readers!!  So here is goes!!

You will need:
1 yellow onion
Mozzarella or shredded cheese
Italian meatballs (beef, turkey, chicken, vegan)
Tomato Basil Marianara Sauce (Trader Joe's)
Tandoor Naan (Trader Joe's)
Estimated time: 15 min

Firstly, I chopped a small amount of onions on my piggy cutting board. (Yes I collect piggies, and yes I have a pink kitchen with not enough counter space) Irregardless, after you chop slivers of onions, saute in buttered skillet until desired taste and cover (I'm a huge fan of pie tins for keeping food warm)
Next to speed up the process, microwave desired amount of meatballs about 2-3 minutes in covered microwable dish.  While it's cooking, prepare medium saucepan with Marinara Sauce.  Once Meatballs are done add then to sauce and heat until heated all the way through.
I made enough for two on accident. But stir and heat.  As this…

2011 New Fashions

So as you might know, I have finally cut my hair.  Here's a pic of how I looked right after it got done! See how Happy I am?

I am quite happy although I am considering going shorter for my next trim.  It's really allowed me to change up the wardrobe in different ways.  Here's some outfits!

The Shopaholic
Yes despite what my bank account claims, I do love to shop, always looking for a bargain and looking good doing it! :)

White V-neck Pocket Tee Knit pullover sweater with keyhole ribbon tie Feather Necklace LF Pink shorts  Mossimo Wedges ...Target (2010)

The Professional Tortoise shell Burburry Glasses Pearl Necklace 2 Petites White Fitted Collared Blouse XS Cream Cardigan Brown waist belt Navy Pencil Skirt Steve Madden Peep-toe copper patent leather heels
Rainy day
Isaac Mizrahi for Target - ruffle collared shirt LF - Millau Rus…

Weekend Adventure Hike

You wake up late and you make a lovely breakfast, but you still feel like you want to explore the outdoors. You don't like the gym and you want to maybe meet up with a friend or breathe some fresh air.  It's almost 2pm, you might think, "it's too late for a hike."  Well I will tell you, depending on where you go as long as the sun is shining, it's never too late for nature or to make time for your body and spirit.

Griffith Park is one of my favorite places to get a good hike in.  I drive in usually up N Beachwood, through little Hollywoodland, park and make my way up to the begining where Sunset Ranch is.  You can see a beautiful view from the shorter/more steep hike up to Mt. Hollywood (careful I was chased by some bees there once).  It's about 3mi round-trip and worth it.  Connected to this hike is SUNSET RANCH.  You can ride horses up to Mt. Bell or choose to walk amongst a few other trails.  I recently hiked up to Mt. Bell on a Sunday adventure and it…