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Alexandria Embleton: Photoshoot with Marisa 3.19.11

Photos by Marisa Guzman-Aloia Redondo Beach, CA Styled by Jessica Lyle Top is Millau from LF
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New Year, New Me

My quest (yes I have a quest) is to take risks.  I am the careful sort, avoiding mistakes and becoming more Type A as a means of survival.  Who wouldn't want to be prepared for any and every outcome.  I have made myself anxious and tired and worrisome trying to predict and prevent mistakes and challenges.  In doing so I turned into a nervous wreck and someone I thought had control and a grasp on life.  Turns out being that way isn't all that fun, so my quest is to take risks and be welcoming to new challenges. 

I tend to have a hard time adapting to quick or sudden changes because I prepare so much, that going with the flow seems impossible, when things change I am not ready for them and I go into fight or flight mode over the smallest things.  So in examining my behaviors which I thought were positive, I am looking at how to expand my preparedness into a flowing attitude of "I can handle it." (fist pump)  Not one of a follower but one of rest and ease.  Instead of …