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Millennials and Struggle to Stand on Our Own

New York Times Online Magazine had an incredible article, ""What Is It About Twenty-Somethings?" I took the time to read it's 10 pages online because this very topic is so interesting.  I'm in my 20s and I live 2 hrs from where I grew up, in a different city and in my shared apartment.  I'm relatively happy going through the motions with a 9-5 job, just did my own taxes for the first time and am eagerly awaiting my refund.  I drive my parent's car that they own and pay for, and I'm pretty sure I've got a brake light out and a coolant leak.  Nevertheless I've gotten accustomed to finding solutions to these little problems without calling home, or at least trying my hardest not to.  I have avoided running home, even when last August I felt soo overwhelmed with life's burdens, love-sick heart and financial strain, on top of a job in which I felt unappreciated.  But I didn't run, though many do that are my age that can't handle the st…