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What Do You Do When Parents Disappoint?

The moment you are born you are in fact inducted into a sacred pact.  Mother and child is not just inherently biological, its built inside our bones, our brains and out hearts and has been studied since the Cave man days.  Father and child is slightly less viceral but definitely more in the emotional sense which calls boys and girls alike to unique expectations.  Parents feeds you, love you, bathe you, teach you, punish you, ignore you, and nurse you.  The idea of being responsible for another human being is a huge, huge undertaking and it is something that happens to new parents everyday.  Bringing in new life, becoming a constant for that life is an entirely unique journey and bond for the parents and for the child. 

As you grow up, you learned that you can and must rely on your parents and you become attached and dependent upon them.  So much that you expect and feel deserved of their love, attention and affection.  How they love you is also how you learn to love others.  It's…


No use being afraid
come on drink the lemonade
not too soon to play the ace
when you're looking this way

Gotta start, gotta go downtown
Gotta live it up, not let it drown
For if you knew it
Im the finest girl around
who can show you the real thing.

Why so scared of feeling it
why so tired of creating it
when you dont follow though
or hold on to
the good ones when they come

Nothing sacred anymore
call it love, she aint no whore
lustful passion at your door
with a whole heart, a whole soul
some delusion she'll elude your fusion
of friend or foe, you'll want more
abre sus ojos para mi
abre sus ojos para mi
silly boy, open your eyes.


Your chivalry bores me
your decency denies me
the ability to freely feel thee
the way I know I could

Your good but Im better
not tough to say Lets get her
not bad enough or dark enough to see
they made one fine damn bad girl out of me

who's the they, you say
what do you care
wheres that innocence, dear
I was robbed of hopeful
now I'm now told
nothings true to make you believe...
why do you question me?

Your good but Im better
not tough to say Lets get her
not bad enough or dark enough to see
they made one fine damn bad girl out of me

Not a rebel or a pain
Just a girl with nothing to gain
no heart not broke or limb too torn down
to change her face with that of a clown
she aint who youd want her to be
shes nothing like anything

Must Have List!

A lovely LBD with a just my style kind of poofy skirt!

WOK for cooking, sauteing, stir fry!!!! very necessary, I only have a frying pan, do need a wok, especially for use with the above mentioned sauce!!

Album of the Year
Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

You must own this album, k go get it! itunes, Amoeba, whatever, but don't steal it.