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Why Women Leave

The Huffinton Post had an article today stating that women ask for divorce more than men.  Two-thirds of divorces happen because women do the leaving.  How after all these years are women getting the guts to walk out?  Does it make women look like commitment phobes? Are we getting bored?  Is fighting for a marriage even worth it anymore?  Here's my story and some conclusions on why women leave.

Now I am a child of divorce, as they say, and I turned out ok.  Growing up, I never lashed out or rebelled.  in 1991, my sister and I just accepted that...daddy doesn't live with us anymore.  Within a year or two dad remarried and five years later we walked our mother down the aisle to give her away and we even got diamond rings that we each still wear every day.  We got used to seeing dad every other weekend and finagling the holidays just so, along with adjusting to different apartments, duplexes and homes every couple of years.  Money was always tight but we never changed schools or f…