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Valentine's Day Survival Kit

Valentine's Day... a woman's obsession, a man's worst nightmare.  Ladies, this is on you.  There are many ways to survive this day without being depressed but without losing the idea of romance.

Lesson 1- Don't Assume/Expect.  If you are "dating" and haven't have your DTR talk to define exclusivity or what not, he may think he's off the hook for having to go all out for this day.  Not only this but men tend to shy away from responsibility.  So it's rediculous to expect or assume he will think in advance and plan something outrageous for you if you're not his yet.  Doesn't mean he doesn't like you, just means he might not buy into a "hallmark" holiday and will wait until the right time to share how he feels.  Why force it?  If he avoids you completely, ignores your phone calls and then makes up an excuse and hurts your feelings, maybe you're dating a douchebag or someone who has a girlfriend. 

Lesson 2- It's just a day.

Movies that Wow'd me in 2010

"The only thing in your way, is yourself."  Like most of Darren Aronofsky's films, paranoia and internal crisis plague the protagonist.  Captured beautifully and contagiously anxious, Natalie Portman is the force behind this dark tale.  It showcases the world of ballet and the strive towards an impossible perfection. 

Chris Nolan, Hans Zimmer and Leonardo DiCaprio make a good combination.  Not only does this meta film play upon it's layers within its layers, the viewer is left to interpret their own idea of reality within this reality.  Makes you question what you know to be real and what is actually real.  Stunning spectacle and brilliant acting, this sci-fi thriller leaves you on the edge of your seat saying "what the fuck just happened...?"

It would be silly not to mention this probable Oscar-Winner.  David Fincher is able to bring action and suspense to a very human story of betrayal and connection,…


Like a setting sun,
you lay me down
falling into you
in the dark, we dont make a sound.

under all your love
seeming endless bliss
baby, with all your happy
I could get used to this

And I
can't see
I'm blind
with all the love you put on me

Your skin on mine
hold you close to me
I won't run this time
wont run
Gonna give you everything

And I
can't see
I'm blind
with all the love you put on me