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a moment in history

And there she sat, collasped and holding herself, for not in her life could she remember feeling quite like this.  In her mind she found ways to organize her thoughts and her life as best she could.  Often times slipping through the cracks, tears were shed in an effort to overcome that failure.  Though if she let herself see the truth, she'd know people rarely judged her so harshly as she in fact judged herself.  But on this day, in this moment, she knew something has been adjusted, changed, created, bloomed.  Was it the fact she didn't care anymore?  Was it that carelessness that left her heart open?  Was it being aware at all that allowed her to exist as she was this day?  Was it the absence of bitterness that allowed her to feel free of that dead weight? In her bedroom, she sat, recoiled under blankets on top of many pillows, trying to make something out of this fleeting nirvana.  Somewhere in this sudden silence, where the white noise of her constant mind usually resided, …

Fashion Favorites

So I have many favorite things to wear because I like to have a range of styles.  At work I get to be alot more dressed up than I would be and it has given me an opportunity to amass a different set of professional and trendy wardrobe.  The good part also is that working in the industry, and in Beverly Hills, allows me to get away with more fashional, stylish, trendy oufits than let's say, an accounting office, so it has been exciting and fun to find new pieces.  Here's some examples from 2010 and well as new favorites I'd like to try out!

The Schoolgirl
Long time fav.  Went to private school my whole life and then Gossip Girl, I can't seem to get away from the youthful girlish chic that makes me feel young and cute but also preppy and put-together. 
Key factors:
knee/thigh highs
skirts (pleated or toule)
Cardigan or blazer
Collared shirt or blouse
Mary janes or oxfords.

The Wayfarer
Big shirt, jeans shorts, sandals (strappy or gladiator), sunglasses, messy hair.  Co…

Let it be

Breathe in, breathe out.  That'a all I can do.  For so long I've been holding my breath.  Afraid that my unattentiveness would misguide me from what I should know or see or control.  But look at me now.  Breathing.  Before as I had imagined, a mangled Christmas, and now after a splendid one, letting go of my expectations and want for perfection, opened me up to new highs.  I let people alone, allowed them to see things their way, in hope they would in turn, respect me for my perspective and my choices.  I tried not to let family problems and woes ruin my time with the family I really missed.  I did things differently this time.  I stayed with my dad for the first time since I was 4.  We bonded and spend alot of time together.  This only happened because I let it and I really had a great time.  I learned so much more about him and his life and his girlfriend of 7 years.  It was like unlike any other holiday.  We both made ourselves available to the idea of a real father/daughte…