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Makeup and Skin Care Products I Use and Love

So I just HAVE to share my new favorite affordable makeup!! I was running low on dough in order to replace my favorite summer cover up/concealer stick by Benefit!
Totally LOVE this product Benefit Playsticks 
(and people always complimented my complexion and it's very portable) roomate told me to try Maybelline FIT Me...and so far I ADORE IT! And it's lovely concealer and powder...I am just in love with this right now!!
Seriously these items range between 7 and 10 bucks each but you can get sweet deals at Walgreens, like buy one get one 50% off or go to Walmart/Target!

While I do love Revlon's Photo Ready makeup series, it does run heavy like Makeup Forever and I don't need that for everyday...the Fit Me is light with SPF and its just great.  However in trying Revlon in the past I did find a gem in the PhotoReady Primer.  I don't wear any foundation without primer...Smashbox and other brands have expensive oily primers, but this one just works for me and prevents breakouts!!
This runs between 10 and 14 bucks

Also as I've talked about way in the past I quit Proactiv after 10 years!! It actually was too harsh for my skin and I was scared to use over the counter like clean and clear but it turns out if you have mild break outs you don't really need all that much benzyl peroxide you just have to have a regular face washing regimen and the right cleanser and moisturizer. 

Daniel Kern took Proactiv's idea and a bunch of other over the counter medicines and came up wit a gentle one of his own that I've been using since 2009.  I have great skin it's never all dried out!!
Definitely take a look at his website and easy to follow face care regimen and be on your way to clearer skin

If you have serious undereye issues and regular concealers don't last or work...
CLINIQUE All About Eyes is probably for you, I've used it alot and it definitely can help clear up a late night out in the morning...I even told my mom to get it! It's won a lot of awards and has been features in GLAMOUR and many other magazines.
runs about $16 (Sephora, Macy's)

DON"T even get me started about how awesome waterproof Maybelline Falsies is....
THE ONLY mascara in my makeup bag! $5-$8


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