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What I learned in 25 years...

Do not let anyone tell you that you are not good enough or lovable enough.

It's OK to make a choice and act.  Our actions define us, not our intentions.

Worry is the misuse of imagination.

Credit cards are not invisible is debt, borrowing, bad...and you have to pay them back.

My college degree is worth the least I need to never stop trying to achieve my dreams so this will be true.

Parents are people too, human even and make mistakes, and did the best they could when they did, love 'em anyway.

A gas leak should never go unfixed.

Following the directions usually leads to success, though in some messed up way life didn't come with instructions, so winging it and risking are kinda part of it all.  so that means there's no perfect path.

Never settle for something when you know you're ready (even if you're scared) for more. JUMP!

Listen to your intuition, your body, your will help guide you.

Friends are your chosen family, choose wisely, forgive when necessary, but mainly know when to say goodbye to toxic persons that don't love you as you are or support your endeavors.

You can't half-ass love.  Be together, or don't.

Never go to bed angry or sad.

Don't drink wine/beer/booze to feel better...maybe only to enjoy or have a good time.

Love unconditionally but most of all love yourself, because it will make you a better lover.

Ask yourself key questions and write down your you age your wants and needs change, so must your requirements for love, friendship and romance.

Honesty is necessary for trust, friendship, and love.

Surround yourself with people who inspire you, drive you to better your personal best.

Don't be afraid to take time to say nothing, see nothing, hear nothing...just to listen to silence and meditate.

Don't drunk text/dial/email exes...

Men usually tell you exactly who they are, listen to them.

Fearing fear sucks, so let it go...come what'll be OK.

Don't take yourself or life's messes too seriously.

Emerse yourself in nature from time to time, away from the bustle.

Make your bed in the morning, the first step in being proud and put together.

Try not to eat after 9pm...if you must, have a glass of milk before bed.

Delegate: as you gain responsibility know its ok to share, keep people in your corner to help make life a little guy, therapist, masseuse, best friend, best guy friend, mentor...

Apple sauce and cottage cheese are excellent together.

Live a little, let yourself learn some things.

Read the directions on how to wash and dry clothes...

Delete your browsing history.

Don't leave candles unattended...

Learn to say no, but also when to say yes.

Don't send nakey texts or keep those photos in your phone...or accidentily text someone the wrong thing...:/

Forgive and forget, grudges are a waste of time.

Sometimes it's ok to be selfish.  Know what you want, take yourself there.  But there will be a time to make room for others and include their wants into yours.

Be truthful and honorable.

Don't drink milk after you eat ramen.

Make sure to eat broccoli and spinach and those yummy green things with all the vitamins.

Take time to pray and be thankful.

Dance to the music, anytime anywhere and who the hell cares if anyone is watching, they just jealous of your moves.

Love who you love, with all that you have.

God Grant me 
the Serenity 
to accept the things I cannot change
The Courage 
to Change the things I can
And the Wisdom 
to know the difference.

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