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Weekend Adventure Hike

You wake up late and you make a lovely breakfast, but you still feel like you want to explore the outdoors. You don't like the gym and you want to maybe meet up with a friend or breathe some fresh air.  It's almost 2pm, you might think, "it's too late for a hike."  Well I will tell you, depending on where you go as long as the sun is shining, it's never too late for nature or to make time for your body and spirit.

Griffith Park is one of my favorite places to get a good hike in.  I drive in usually up N Beachwood, through little Hollywoodland, park and make my way up to the begining where Sunset Ranch is.  You can see a beautiful view from the shorter/more steep hike up to Mt. Hollywood (careful I was chased by some bees there once).  It's about 3mi round-trip and worth it.  Connected to this hike is SUNSET RANCH.  You can ride horses up to Mt. Bell or choose to walk amongst a few other trails.  I recently hiked up to Mt. Bell on a Sunday adventure and it was absolutely lovely. It was longer, about 4.5 miles but the view from top was really awesome, especially on that clear day.  You can see the Observatory or even walk all the way to it if you're gutsy.  Apparently the shortest hike is from the North entrance of the Observatory to Mt. Bell and back.  I'd like to try more trails in Griffith, there is also a more challenging hike that is mostly bouldering but I haven't chanced it yet.  I'm definitely still feeling the 4.5 mile one.  I saw some wildlife like little bunnies, horses, lizards, birds, friendly hikers' pets, and breathed in the fresh air.  The breeze kept the sun bearable and really made me forget the time.  Didn't bring a phone or camera on this last adventure, so if you want to see how beautiful it is, I suggest you go see for yourself!!

Runyon Canyon is another place I'd go to hike.  There are many types of trails there from novice to intermediate and outdoor yoga and martial arts.  It's very busy with dogs and celebrities and can be a great workout.  It's off Fuller in Hollywood.  I've woken up early and done the morning hike and made it to the free yoga in the park at 10:30.  Its really lovely.

So my goal is to go hiking more often in Spring and Summer.  It's a good way to do some soul searching, a fun day outing or even a good place to catch up with a fellow adventurous friend.

Safe Travels, Locals!!

xo, Alexandria
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