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Marinara Meatball with Naan - Quick Dinner #1

This is my first cooking post!!  I thought it was about time I shared some of my simple affordable meals with my readers!!  So here is goes!!

You will need:
1 yellow onion
Mozzarella or shredded cheese
Italian meatballs (beef, turkey, chicken, vegan)
Tomato Basil Marianara Sauce (Trader Joe's)
Tandoor Naan (Trader Joe's)
Estimated time: 15 min

Firstly, I chopped a small amount of onions on my piggy cutting board. (Yes I collect piggies, and yes I have a pink kitchen with not enough counter space) Irregardless, after you chop slivers of onions, saute in buttered skillet until desired taste and cover (I'm a huge fan of pie tins for keeping food warm)
Piggy Cutting Board - ROSS - $5
Next to speed up the process, microwave desired amount of meatballs about 2-3 minutes in covered microwable dish.  While it's cooking, prepare medium saucepan with Marinara Sauce.  Once Meatballs are done add then to sauce and heat until heated all the way through.
I made enough for two on accident. But stir and heat.  As this is heating, toaster over or microwave Naan until right crispness.  In this case, I wanted to eat it like a sandwich or pita so I made sure it was not too crispy so I could hold it.

It should all be done near the same time, and in enough time to make sure everything is still hot.
Place Naan on a plate and add saucy meatballs and onions and add your favorite cheese (mozerrella or cheddar) and maybe some italian spices if you like and eat!!.
I suggest using less meatballs and mozzerella, I was SOO FULL after one!!

I paired it with this wine from Trader Joe's Garnacha ($5) because its got a little spice to it.  mmmm
I'd recommend this meal to anyone who wants to switch up their meatball sub and have a yummy filling meal that did not cost alot at all.  I made it with food I just found in my kitchen.
 My roomate tasted it and loved it! I only wish I had someone else to taste its hearty goodness.  I was anti meatballs for awhile, but there are so many kinds including vegetarian ones.  With just a few changes and some soy cheese, this could be a vegan meal as well! Let me know what you think if you try this as well!!  It was delicious, I wish I had saved the sauce for leftovers! I plan to share more recipes with you all soon!  Meals on a budget with flavor that will fill you up!

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