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Coachella 2011 Fashion Guide

Everyone's talking about COACHELLA this year (If you don't know what this is you clearly are irrelevant, and yes its SOLD OUT). Though as much I love music, right now I love money more, so I'm opting out of the fest of heat and hi-rolling, if you know what I mean.  I'm sure one of these days I'll trek it but not this year, sigh, if only Daft Punk waS going to be there...le sigh.  I am pleased to announce Alexandria in Hollywood's new blog contributor. the ineffable and always stylish, JESSICA LYLE!!  I have raided her closet and her brain for Coachella outfit ideas and styles.  Yes she will be there and she'll be celebrating her birthday!!  Hipsters and music lovers beware!

Though LA Weekly's blog properly jokes about this years Coachella probabilistic outfits, one can only hope they hit the "cool-hip-trendy- music-loving" vibe and not the "you look insane/high/freeaky" vibe. Granted to me feeling high and freeky is better than looking high and freaky, I are some outfits that will hopefully inspire you to look awesome and feel like you belong there and in good ol' Coachella know any kind of good you CAN feel anyway with 50,000 strangers in 99 degree heat.

1. Good ol' tank top/crop top and jean cutoffs
Most anyone of any body style can pull this off because most of us in SoCal have this ready in our closets for the day when sunshine arrives.  If you need to stock up last minute, find your accents at your local Forever21 , Walmart , AmericanApparel for your neon and your tight little tanks and tees. Walmart has decent deals on OP clothing for summer and reallly cute swim suit selection with as low at $5-10 for tops and bottoms so you can have many choices.

2. LF Stores - has everything trendy
Check out their website for their current lookbook with amazing animal, tribal and summer fun looks.
If you go this weekend they have stylist helping you find the perfect Coachella outfit!! Buyer Beware - this is more pricy but the clothes are amaze and very addicting and they have great sales!! 
Manhattan Beach - West Hollywood - Venice Beach

 3. Indian Princess 
Jessica Lyle designs this look with Polyvore
Items can be found at TopShop , LF Stores and Forever 21
You got your crop top and long (short short fringe skirt) You stick to the white, feather, adobe palette, you can sell this look and look great.  Now for 99 degree weather adorn yourself at your own risk.

4. Wild Child
Designed by Jessica Lyle
You got your leopard print and a fair amount of black and metal jewelry.  You for sure can have this edgy look for less by shopping at many of the stores I mentioned above.  Forever 21, LF and TopShop have these items or lookalikes this will give help you show how badass you really are.  

5.  Flower Child - My outfit of choice

Designed by Jessica Lyle
This is the approach I would take on Coachella for at least one of the days.  You got your crochet and your ripped jeans shorts with an adorable floral top.  Love this turqouise and gold jewely and sunglasses and the gladiator style sandal.  Everything about it screams summer festival and it's very girly which is a tribute to my general style.

I'm going to post more outfits that Jessica and I are going to compile soon.  But these are the start to something good!!! Hope you all find exactly the look you love and have an amazing festival SAFE weekend...alright fuck it, party like a rockstar! 

Any questions for our stylist Jessica Lyle?? email with style or fashion questions and we'll do our best to accommodate!!!

I'll leave you with some pictoral inspiration....
SHOP Planet Blue

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