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Black Widow

I can't tell what I feel yet, or if I can feel anything at all.
I'm not sure to scream or cry now that I can see the fall.
too many tugs and pulls from so many directions
a bruise, I'm maimed, stained filled with love infections.
what did all the high preaching mean
rule-makers become rule-breakers, tearing at every seam.
I held on to following your every guided step
never knew you'd throw away the morals that you had kept.
I can't forgive you, or even understand,
or try to think your better, or give you an upper hand
When do your teachers become students of you?
Fastly becoming outdated from the old tribe's muse.
Can't look up to you anymore, you got nothing left to say
Adolescent reminiscent to your very last day.
Too bad you didn't let yourself grow up when it was time
and now you take it for yourself claiming, "it's finally mine."
You child, you delicate thorned rose
look at all the damage of what you chose...
Don't expect respect in the name of a new path
betray and find thyself in mind, too low, now deep your trap.
Don't expect open arms after this charade done
Congrats on searching for yourself leaving once again us in the dust.
Where are you now? The you I once knew
can your stubborn love be selfless and find its way back to truth.
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