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Baby Before Ring

What does Natalie Portman have to do with Presidential Nominee hopeful Mike Huckabee?  Formally, nothing, until he decided to call her a whore essentially and a bad moral example.  Now even up to recent years I have always held onto very tightly my strict conservative morals and often times agreed with Republicans and their stances on this type of social issues.  But how does our Best Actress Oscar Winner glamourize Single Motherdom?  I don't think she does at all.  Huckabee claims that we should turn our attention to the growing statistics of out of wedlock births and in minority low-income homes where higher education and solid jobs are less available.  Not only this but according to this article, 41% of live births in America are out of wedlock.  Huckbee claims Portman should have wanted a ring and not an Oscar. 

I find his argument to be yes one opinion, but it is very silly to say she is "glamorizing" it.  This isn't the 50's or 60's.  We don't force people into marriages because you get knocked up in the same way anymore. Yes the conservatism of this age is changing because Millenials (kids in their 20s-early 30s) just don't care about the same things our parents' parents did.  We are a little more lax, a little more daring and a little less concerned with appearing like a perfect picture family.  There are none.  All or most of our parents are divorced and we wait longer to get married.  We arent all out screwing around, though a good number is.  People get pregnant because people are having sex.  The kids I knew to wait until they were married got hitched at 18 and now they are divorced.  Getting married doesn't solve anything and it doesn't hold the same moral weight it used to when it was more Sacramental.  Now it's a civil case, in which people want to be able to marry anyone and boys want to marry boys.  Who is to tell them they can't? The bible? The Constitution?  I'm really not sure who really has a say.  But no one should be able to tell an actress to hide away in her home because she's a bad example.  She's in the limelight and is very happy and accomplished and she had sex. 

I think it's tough when you're raising kids, teenagers and you're telling them they can't do things or shouldn't do things when everyone around them is.  It's seemingly more and more impossible to hold onto innocence anywhere but as an adult now, I think a grown woman such as Natalie is not a bad example. 
Huckabee knocks Portman for being pregnant and not married.  She's engaged first of all and she's keeping the baby.  Are our Republicans going to damn having babies but then also damn abortion?  

I know it comes down to people's action.  Whether or not they choose to have sex, get married, act "morally," be a public figure, get an abortion, be on birth control...whatever it is we all slip up.  There's so much that goes into our guilting into staying "good" and looking perfect.  None of our politicans are perfect, most of them have affairs.  Yes I believe in right and wrong and being a good citizen, just being a good respectful human being but I don't think Huckabee has a right to say Portman's actions are at all negative or a bad influence.  She's in love and is having a baby and getting married.  I can only wish for the same fate.  Yes I would love to get married before I have kids but I sure as hell would have the kid regardless and that;s what she's doing.  She's taking responsibility for her actions and she talent was rewarded with a very deserved Oscar.

It's unfortunate she's not already in a healthy marriage, tell me one person you know who is.  Yes there are many single mothers out there that my tax dollars are helping out.  Natalie Portman's tax money helps them too.  I can't control whether or not kids, men, women say yes to having sex or to getting married.  People will be human as they are and follow their bodies.  We are animals and yes education can help and doing the right thing is better I suppose.  But Huckabee you're an old white man who probably has no idea what a woman wants and do not have the right to lecture us on morality or what's good because you're conservative standpoint is the opinion of 50 and older.  You definitely won't be getting my vote.

If, which I truly hope it doesn't, IF I was pregnant and I wasn't married.  I would want the support of my friends and family.  I grew up Catholic and I have followed the rules for as long as I could.  But I am also a grown woman with wants and wishes and a real life I know I can be happy about.  I care about my future and the people in my life.  I'm responsible and aware of what my actions could and can lead to.  I accept that and I know that things don't always work out the way you plan them but that doesn't mean you lock yourself in your house and never leave because you're pregnant.  I don't live a life of sin and I definitely would not want to be married right now just to be able to have sex or see what loving someone was like.  I can know that on my own by being a caring, careful adult who respects others and myself.  Of course I wouldn't tell a teenager that.  I just don't see the instution of marriage to be a problem solver at all.  They don't last and people change.  So it I suppose has to do with raising your children with consquences but also being a good example and educating your kids.  If you're a parent and sleeping around thats obviously not good example.  I'm also young and have not had a good example of a solid relationship but I'm not living destructively either.   I plan to be married when I have kids, that is if I ever find someone worth marrying.  But it's not on the to-do list right now, and neither are babies.

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