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Movies that Wow'd me in 2010

"The only thing in your way, is yourself."  Like most of Darren Aronofsky's films, paranoia and internal crisis plague the protagonist.  Captured beautifully and contagiously anxious, Natalie Portman is the force behind this dark tale.  It showcases the world of ballet and the strive towards an impossible perfection. 

Natalie Portman vs. Natalie Portman in BLACK SWAN
source: Beyond Hollywood
Chris Nolan, Hans Zimmer and Leonardo DiCaprio make a good combination.  Not only does this meta film play upon it's layers within its layers, the viewer is left to interpret their own idea of reality within this reality.  Makes you question what you know to be real and what is actually real.  Stunning spectacle and brilliant acting, this sci-fi thriller leaves you on the edge of your seat saying "what the fuck just happened...?"

Source: A Life in Equinox

It would be silly not to mention this probable Oscar-Winner.  David Fincher is able to bring action and suspense to a very human story of betrayal and connection, albeit digital and interpersonal relationships.  A brilliant ensemble and a beautiful and might I add, memorable cinemotgraphy, this film represents our generation and a new way we can relate to each other. "It was never about the money."

The Social Network

Robert Pattinson and Emile de Ravin fall into an unlikely romance.  While it seems to become a typical romantic drama it shows a relationship's highs and lows and drops a bomb on you by its end.  I haven't cried that hard in a very long time.  The film pulled me in and I truly cared for it's flawed lovebirds. 

Remember Me
Animated films are not just for kids anymore.  I kept hearing people my age say they loved this film, so I had to check it out despite my original apathy towards what I thought was just a kid's movie.  It was adorable but had a good story.  The animation was superb and I bet it was awesome in 3-D.  I know this movie is enjoyed for its humor and feel good storytelling and now all I know is, I wish I could have a Night Fury Dragon.  This movie surprised and impressed me and I loved it as it shows that even when you don't fit in, you can shine through your talents and surprise yourself.

How to Train Your Dragon
A sort of sequel to FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL with the reprise of Aldous Snow, I wasn't sure if this would be over-kill.  Fortunately this movie was irreverant and high-larious as per usual with the likes of Russell Brand, Jonah Hill and P Diddy, who legit has a funny-bone.  This drug-friendly, raucous adventure left the theater feeling hungover from all the laughs that kept a constant high. 
Get Him to the Greek
This honest portayal of life and marriage leaves you in search of a happy ending.  A "slice of life" film with no room for fantasy, begs you to wonder if everything really does come to an end sooner or later.  Sundance agrees it's brilliant, as Gosling and Williams bring gritty truth to intimacy and the trials of life and love.

Blue Valentine
A) I love westerns. B) Bad-ass chicks rock.  This remake of the 1969 hit, brings Damon, Bridges, Brolin and newcomer Hailee Steinfield to the open range for some good ol' fashioned bounty-huntin' revenge.  Bridges shines and Steinfield impresses with this Christmas Day opener ya'll.  Now I want gun and a horse. 

True Grit

I keep quoting this adorable "fun-tasy" and yes,  in a Russian Spy accent thanks to Steve Carell.  This story has a loving message and spotlights a villian with a change-of-heart due to some inventive baby-sitting.  The villians's evil minions bring comedic silliness and family fun for all.  Its a film I can watch over and over and I'll never get tired of its themes and characters.
Dispicable Me "It's sooo Fluffy"
Haven't seen this yet. Will review when I do.  But it has to be on the list, since Marky Mark and I are on a first name basis, "Say hi to your motha for me"  Christian Bale locked down the Golden Globe for his transformation and Wahlberg was the driving force behind the project that took awhile to make.
The Fighter

Movies I recommend:

The Kids Are Alright
Rabbit Hole
The Runaways
Toy Story 3
Iron Man 2
Book of Eli
Easy A
Love and Other Drugs
The Other Guys
Twilight Saga: Eclipse
The Lovely Bones
Going the Distance

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