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Fashion Favorites

So I have many favorite things to wear because I like to have a range of styles.  At work I get to be alot more dressed up than I would be and it has given me an opportunity to amass a different set of professional and trendy wardrobe.  The good part also is that working in the industry, and in Beverly Hills, allows me to get away with more fashional, stylish, trendy oufits than let's say, an accounting office, so it has been exciting and fun to find new pieces.  Here's some examples from 2010 and well as new favorites I'd like to try out!

The Schoolgirl
Long time fav.  Went to private school my whole life and then Gossip Girl, I can't seem to get away from the youthful girlish chic that makes me feel young and cute but also preppy and put-together. 
Key factors:
knee/thigh highs
skirts (pleated or toule)
Cardigan or blazer
Collared shirt or blouse
Mary janes or oxfords.

The Wayfarer
Big shirt, jeans shorts, sandals (strappy or gladiator), sunglasses, messy hair.  Comfy for spring and summer out to the beach or shopping.

The Receptionist
form fitting shift dress or pencil skirt and tailored blouse.  Pearls, glasses and hair up with pumps. Don't for get a blazer or cardigan or maybe some sexy fashion tights/nylons.

The Party Girl
Something short, maybe vintage, flattering and sparkly! My NYE outfit says fun, flirty but relevant.  Stay away from jeans and a cute top unless ur in college.  If u arent in college why are u wearing jeans to a party? Just saying...

Something that says wow, shes a beautiful woman.  not trashy or overly sexualized, somehting that compliments the good parts of you and make you feel great!  Please see Holiday Party attire photo.  It was a hit and I felt sexy without showing too much skin.  People came up to talk to me bec I looked unique and confident in this one of a kind LF garment. 

Casual Corner
I LOVE my new orange/rust cordouroys!! Not only are they skinny and comfortable in all the right places, these Anthropologie sale item goes with soo many things, including my new Top-Sider Navy and Platnium Sperrys.  I can add white or brown or a sweater or a light blouse and I will have an adorable comfortable outfit that is yes, not another pair of blue jeans.  I am actually avoiding wearing jeans at all costs in an effort to give myself a different looks and to create a different style.  What you may not realize is how limiting "Jeans and a T-Shirt" can be.  Though easy and comfy, it doesn't say much about you except that you're lazy and know where to find an Abercrombie.  Spice it up!!!
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