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Vegas in 2010, Wow

December Outings

Downtown Los Angeles T&A Showroom Christmas Legs No Dancing Made these...Ate these In Barneys : Beverly Hills New Red Jeans <3 in love Bunny is getting soo big! <3 our family w/ Jessica Getting last minute gifts for Pops at Banana Republic Christmas Outfits! Swanky Christmas Parties

Merry Christmas ya'll!
                                   xo,                                        Alexandria in Hollywood

Messy Girl


It's good to be girly, but also to get a little dirty. <3
soo many christmas cookies and dinners...mmm satisfied.

White Christmas

I had never seen the film, White Christmas, but I am very familiar with Bing Crosby's wildly famous version of the song. I hear it on the radio and in my home and while shopping throughout the holiday season. For some reason I never felt all too compelled to view the film until this year, I made a point to see it. Luckily AMC delivered it right to my television in HD and VistaVISION. The story really tough my heart and while the dance numbers and songs were full of great dancing, tapping and beautiful music, Bing Crosby's voice and blue eyes stole the show.

The Film begins here during the war, Christmas Eve 1944., with every soldier dreaming of a White Christmas, listening to the somber voice of their talented private, Bob Wallace and saying goodbye to a General Waverly... At the wars end, Wallace and Davis set out in show business together on a two man act and become famous! Through and through they find success and fame but how does a man enjoy that without a 'da…

Festive Ways to Celebrate the Christmas Season!

Christmas at the Grove
Enjoy The Grove during Christmastime for date night or some holiday shopping along with the festive decor and lovely additions listed below.
Christmas Tree 100 foot tall, white fir tree with more than 15,000 lights and 10,000 festive ornaments.
Magical Snowfall Snowflakes float from above, every night at 7pm and 8pm, November 14 - December 31. Holiday Entertainment Enjoy the merry melodies of holiday brass and other joyous musical performances and entertainment.
Santa's Cottage Santa is visiting from the North Pole. Don’t miss your chance to sit with Santa and go home with photos you’ll always treasure. Cost of photo packages range from $15 to $60. Plus, Pet Photo Night every Tuesday at 6pm until closing. Last Pet Night is Tuesday, December 20

Loyola Marymount University Choruses Present:
Christmas Gala Concert

December 8 & 10, 8 p.m.
LMU Women's Chorus, Consort Singers, and Concert Choir sing festive music of the season Conducted by Dr. Mary Breden in…

Standard - Photobooth

Holiday Shimmer

The Glitter Guide

Forever Plaid

Dress:Sam & MaxSweater:Banana RepublicSocks: LF Belt: Forever 21  Flats:Kimichi Blue (Urban Outfitters), Assorted Heirloom Jewelry

What to Wear (No Seriously...Be Fabulous)

forloveandlemons SHIMMER - DRESSES

1. lefashionimage 2. becauseimaddicted 3. oneofeach 4. lefashionimage 5. becauseimaddicted 6. troprouge 7/8. pursenboots

Autumn Orange

my brother '98 my mother me

Love Story

When you are not in love, you watch.  You see, you assess.  You think, if I was that couple, I'd be happy.  Maybe even you consider what you'd fight about one day, with your husband.  Maybe you think to yourself, no matter how tired and old I get, I promise to wear lingerie still... But thinking about it, milling around the idea of love, remembering an old love, is nothing like being IN LOVE.  Its terrifying and wonderful and crazy all at the same time, and don't forget complete and utter misery, but also joy.  It makes you do crazy things, love.  Like throwing yourself in front of someone to save their life, maybe even pretending to enjoy something you don't.  Maybe being in love makes you completely blind to so many sensible things, that you act irrational and feel so passionately obsessed with small things like, the smell of someone's pillow, or the nape of their neck, or the pain and sadness of not holding them at the exact moment you wanted and expected to.  M…

My Week with Marilyn

I can't get over it! She's so cute! TUMBLR