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Showing posts from December 19, 2010

train of thoughts...

walking idly next to danger
as if nothing it is to me
who cares if I get bitten
or change irrevocably
intrinsic darkness hidden down
buried underneath
paint a smile
all the while
concealing the sheath
If I could have it,
goodness, I am told
stays with the youth
a sudden truth
and leaves us in the cold.
I had the power then
to see all that was good
I see too much,
know too much
where is my childhood.

Everything has consequence
I am never free
bound to being correct and right
nowhere left for me
And in it I am fondly held
by the rules and morals
of them
to walk along the treaded path
approval lies there and then
If only I could break away
and see a new light
to want what I want
to see what I see
to try with all my might
to get to where I need to be
and forget all the rest
never settle for second best
get to my dreams
set sail to the sea.