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Good Scents will get you far

Now I am not one for frills and smells and perfumes, but I have learned that as much as I LOVE musky smells, men don't necessarily take kindly to the muskiness on me, because I am in fact female.  So I have made it my own guilty pleasure to keep what I love, but also search for something flirty, maybe even a little floral to see if I can properly woo the opposite sex with my sweet aroma.  Not only is that already a challenge to do, I am allergic to ALOT of smells and fragrances and you have to find one that matches with one's natural body scent.  I'd rather not cause myself or others any headache, quite the contrary, I am searching for a seductive and sweet scent but that keeps me relaxed and my suitors begging for more...

Here's a list of some finds that work for me so far, but I am still searching for the perfect perfume to create my signature scent.

Body Wash:  LUSH products are incredible vegetarian soaps, perfumes and body washes that use flowers and unharmful synt…