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Home Sweet Home

I feel like now that I live in an apartment with only one other person, the lovely Jessica Lyle, I can actually decorate.  Before I lived with two sisters and a friend and it was stuffed with their parents furniture and we were all claustrophobic and then I lived in a home with a 72 yr old lady whom I'd met while working at LMU.  Granted I cannot afford to collect and decorate a home and I am not in the place to amass "stuff" but I have my eye on making our little apartment a cozy home for us. 

We definitely try to keep the common areas clean so people can come over at any time.  I have to say we do a really good job of it, and I have never been this neat in my life.  I think living in an older woman's home trained me best because it was her home, and I only rented out a single room.  In that way I couldn't leave my stuff around.  I took all the with me and now I try to keep things in their places, which if you see my room is some sort of organized chaos in my ec…