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kiss in the street.

I remember when you kissed me in the street
turned just hanging out into a date
how did I even drive away from that face
when you said I could go to your place

I didn't know then how much I'd learn
or how you'd change me and let me be me
How letting go of old loves and letting it be
a sense of self and fun adventure overcame me

You didn't mind I talk too much
or contradict myself endlessly
you didnt mind how much I drank
even though it made me more silly

and you held me close
I withered away
to some other fantasy land
finally nice to fall just once
in the arms of a man

too late to get out then
i was already in
two hands two lips two hearts
joined again

and as time would let it grow
and burn and grow again
I wouldnt have guessed
that you would be him

delicate and steadfast
you always accept what I am
never hating on the way i do things
or agree with me when Im down

You build me up to see the things I should
you give me strength to choose
and remind me I deserve the best…

about blogging

One thing I love about having a blog is to be able to spill.  You know,write without censor, a stream of consciousness thing.  Many times I try to be organized and find a theme or even try to help by posing good ideas or thoughs out there.  I am an overly aware person.  I'm so sensory and expressionistic that I even get lost in my own metaphors as I try to see myself outside myself, when really I should just exist and be happy as is.  But as I admit to making things more complicated than they are, I do also make some more beautiful.  It's in my neurosis that allows my imagination to see things beyond the palpable and epicurean.  My feelings allow me to be able to see into things that many times others ignore.  Yes it can be exhausting, but it's also inherently me.  I'm also not a perfect writer either but I do enjoy getting it all out there and being able to publish it has a dangerous but feel good quality about it, because someone might read it.  This post is kind of …


Who are we?

when we mold

we change

we grow

we're strange

we fall

we break

we love

we make

we sin

we cry

we laugh

we die