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The Reveal

Today was one of those days where I got a stark realization.  It is something that occurred to me while reflecting on my day, my behaviors and my feelings.  The odd thing is, why I hadn't necessarily seen it before and in all my self awareness.  I realized today a specific insecurity.  Everyone has them because in feeling insecure, we think we can protect ourselves, by buying into the fear of loss and acceptance or editing ourselves to fit the mold to make our true selves less vulnerable to attack.   Sounds like some sick lie to me.  Now, I have always known that I've been different from the pack and as in WALDEN POND states I may dance to a different drummer,  I have always felt the music just the same, just differently and on my own time.  As in all things, people like to draw out meaning from anything but I know it's in the things that make me feel wanted, accepted and free that bring me peace in myself.

I realized even more today how much I overcompensate to make other…

Halloween in Haunting its way on over....

***UPDATED: *** Halloween Costumes. How does one decide? You could pick a popular trend or celebrity or go with the basics. I for one refuse to spend alot of money on halloween so I usually rummage through my closet and then Aahs, Aardvarks, thrift stores and Target/Walmart for the little things. I'm usually successful as I tend to collect costume pieces and accessories anyway!! So I just thought I'd give some ideas and advice for cool costumes:!!

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Lara Croft Halloween 2010 -  Made from household items, found clothes.  I purchased two small guns from Halloween store and made my own holsters out of cardboard and string Dog the Bounty Hunter and Kenny Powers - FABULOUS Lara Croft and Cotton Candy :D Cailtin as Pebbles from Flinstones!! IM ALL ABOUT HOME-Made <3 Garrett bedazzeled this jacket for the effect  Daft Punk from TRON Cruella Devil Rosie the Riveter!! :D Black Swan My friend OWNED this and it was before …