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Favorite Dress

Everyone has one.  Here's mine.

Got this dress for $15 at FLASHBACKS on 6th in Hillcrest in San Diego, CA Sandals: $12 Rite Aid Sunglasses: $5 Forever 21
I rarely wear a bra with it, can be belted.  Perfect for beach coverup, shopping, before photoshoots, just about anywhere.  It's simple and comfortable and I always get compliments on it.  Sometime's simple is ok.  I feel girly yet its still cute enough to wear out and about and not look like a bum but have some 80's style.  What's your favorite weekend dress?

Hello Me: From: Me

It's natural to second guess yourself.  Everyone can be a little insecure from time to time.  Some more than others, more often too.  How and when can we come to really love ourselves and find out who we are, accept our flaws, our humanity but constantly improve our personal bests!

How does this work?  How can we be happy with who we are?  No need to sit in a rut and hate how you look or feel.  You really can change it for the better. 

Now I don't know if today is just a good day or not, but I feel like today is one of those days I'm completely confident in myself.  I'm unique, I'm special, whether or not others recognize that.  I feel like I can do anything.  Why this sudden ecstacy?  It may be the fact I just got paid and I paid my bills and I still have money, that I have a new budget or even that my birthday is coming up.  But whatever it is, I feel good about it, better than I have in awhile.  I've really learned in the past month how important taking car…

with no words.

its hard not to use obvious words

to explain how something feels

what does love mean anyway

sometimes the only way to say it, is to compare

because theres so much beauty in the world that cannot be described

as well as love, there is no label, no degree, no noun

there's only action.

To touch barely, the wings of a flagrant hummingbird are the gentleness of those fingertips.

and only by comparison can I even communicate the level of my care. 

only in rich text and prose can I allow to share all the intangible, unclassifiable, ineffible

you.  Just to tell you isnt enough, just to show you isnt enough.


You soothe me like cashmere
Even when you're sleeping
you reveal to me new things.
to see you is to know you
and I crave in my bones, you
leave me wanting more,

With a citrus sun, we are awoken
in tangled arms and legs,
listening to the lark and love sounds
we caress like silk on newly showered skin
flashes of our dance, effortless romance
I love it when you won't let me go,

Speechless am I, no words can come
though normally I speak for hours
My mind is blank; my hands are numb
from the trembling, you are a tower.
no rescue from your force
no answers to my ponderings
but I'm calm in the angst that drives our affair

And when my bed is warm and withered
from your now apparition
how can you let me be alone this way
in this my delicate condition?
and even whenst our lips parted
remind me again of their meeting
our hands our heart our minds,

To rise and fall with you,

Six Feet Under

Where were you when I needed you the most.
So cold sitting here on the stone
the earth swallowed me whole
and dissallowed my new birth

For all the autumns and springs
when will new life bring me
to the surface of my grave
telling the world im here again

Dead undone unwon
who's waiting for my return
a simple girl with complex dreams
a web of jilted hearts and seams

I care not for faux tales of love
only truth in what's above
Hardend not by life's themes
as I welcome the quest of reconnaisanse

I will find where those evils lie
and I will forgive and forget
and though I've come and died
Through fragile undead I will live.

Heart's lament through hollow halls
Searching for the darkness
offering light to all that withers
bear not sorrow for I am home.