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Eat Pray Love: The Search for your Word.

Does it take reading a book, Julia Roberts and alot of wine to find your word or is it possible without the passport stamps around the world? Not everyone has time to take the time, nor the funds to say I'm good with just this. Finding oneself, finding the calm, seeking clarity and self-love: doing this reliquishes itself to the physics of the quest as Liz Gilbert says. Women, not just my libra self, associate success as a reflection of their relationships and their timelines are based on who they are with than what they've accomplished or what year it was. Think about it. Someone says when was the last time you were a happy? I woman might say, "With Jake I was this way and he was this and then there was Mike and Steve blah blah." Its never "last Novemeber or 2005," its during Jake, Brian or Steve.  In this way how can we really allocate time for ourselves when we are with...whom we are with.

Yes we all need a little lovin, and that's why so many of us…