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Showing posts from July 11, 2010

Me into Me

I dared to be alone
I've dared to even try
to be there for myself
and not sit and cry
and though it has been hard
to get up, go and do
everything I said I would
and stay to myself, true

and I have been numb
to everything I've seen
don't let anyone etch away
the me that I am being.
And each day I worked to separate
not need or try or assume or force
that anyone cares at all
or will feel the pain or even remorse
for the harsh things they do and say
when the big leagues come out to play
while I'm here guarded and protected
from those simple evil minds.

no one can touch me
no one can bring me down
except what it this tiny light
one I've longed for since but
continue to push and fight
why after all this time
does it creep into me
and dwell and stay
and now when I needed no one
I'm longing they see me that way

Where was it when it changed
from a stranger to man I craved
and suddenly needing someone, I caved
and now vulnerable again.
Is this the plight of every woman