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Showing posts from July 4, 2010


I'm not empty
I'm not in pain
I'm not depressed
thinking I got nothing left to gain

When there's no drama
its put together and works
no need to complain
about neglect or flipping off the jerks

What is this feeling, nothing
I'm not used to
crying, I'm supposed to
when boys or love's involved.

Was I wrong to think
that this is how it is
to love and not get enough
or not love and just take the shit.

Whos knows who I've become
after all the hurt
something's gotta give here
and know what I'm worth.

Ive never had the calm or felt mature
but now I know I can emote and be ok and endure
not some docile little child waiting for a man
to sweep me up and tell me I can
be loved.

Although when it feels real I want to run
not sure thought what I'm running from
too scared to feel too much
and be left alone again.