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Marry Him!!

Now ladies and gentlemen, I am in no hurry, I repeat, NO HURRY, to get married at all.  I have my own personal reservations on that subject, some of which will be presented here.  But as many of my friends male and female, take the plunge, it begs me to consider, am I missing out or saving myself from potential disaster?  At almost 24, I don't think I could at all find "the one" right now because how would I know what that looks like, or feels like?  Many people say "you just know."  But is that knowing? or is that settling on what seems convenient?  Like I've argued before, its not fate, its a decision you make to love someone and to spend your life with them and accept their baggage as they help with yours.  I used to be a hopeless romantic and then "he" broke my heart.  So now I assess things a little bit differently.  At 24, what do I really know anyway, and do I really know myself enough to say I like me, now let me love you?  I've finall…

What If

What is it about him that moves me
every inch every smile
keeps ms guessing
im bewitched
by him all the while

because of him i want to try
to be better than I am
to love myself and be a woman
who'd love to love a man

as even as I find myself
I turn, and hes there too
not sure if it means the same
of if he sees this all the way through
i don't know how much to care
when I dont want to get hurt
but sometimes baby
lovings good enough
to take the chance, see what its worth

and i keep making up stories
how this will all play out
different kinds of fantasies
but i like that I dont know

im not even disappointed
or ever missing the mark
not knowing is safer
that regreting something in the dark

but a spell has come over me
and im beaming and swooning so
as im dreaming and seeing
how he could win me over

i wake up and fall asleep with him
and i dont even try
to tell my mind what to think
no matter what hes on my mind

i want to know what he thinks
of what have to say
because i think i kn…