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Bitter aint your color

Think of all the good things
that taught us love and hope
forget the all tragedy
on how we let it go

fix your mangled smile
cuz bitter looks bad on you
that won't get you anywhere
or bring me back too soon

Where were you when
I said this could be
busy with the badness
that set my love free
and here your angry now
baby it aint my fault
tears have come and gone
baby it aint my fault
this aint my love song

Part with your fake revenge
cuz bitter looks bad on you
finally give up
as we both finally know the truth

Take it and walk away
memories will never fade
loved then, gave then
for another memory I would never trade

Turn off that breakup tune
cuz bitter looks bad on you
know that maybe
we loved and lost
we loved.
I loved you.


Funny how I used to not be able
to live without you
and now I barely say your name
you face doesn't grace my dreams
or enters any frames.
The smell of you is gone
from my pillows and my hair
I gave all your stuff away
because I just don't care.
Not very sentimental
when what I remember was the hurt
the girl, you didn't see
or love enough for what it's worth

And now you're counting days
in between each time we speak
holding onto ticket stubs
from shows we happen to see.
My perfume now lingers in your mind
as you try to escape the vapor
and venture to reach me
but I'm hiding, where my heart is safer.
You comment on my life
as if you were involved
or influenced it anymore
and all our problems were solved.
But I'm done with pretending
that we're forever and meant to be
when different sets, I'm gonna get
someone who good enough for me. 

And as your now laughing at my jokes
and needing my attention
I'm clinging onto new loves
and creating my own in…

aphorisms of goodbye

Thank you reminding me I was once in love.  Thank you for sharing that the timing was all wrong.  Thank you for not really seeing me, when you were all i knew.  Thank for waiting 2 and half years to finally follow through.  If love transcends the ages and can make everything right, than why did my eyes form rivers for a year in the night.  If now you know you love me, because I'm free and gone, that not fair to not let me go and finally move on.  You say you want a second chance but I gave you plenty, to love the girl who offered you my everything, my only.  Don't you know the meaning of a broken heart, i know you realize all your faults, but that doesnt warrant a new start.  Where we left it, it was fine to boldly let it stand, for a girl now grown and boy now thinking he's gone and turn into a man.  But babe, we got a ways to go and many years to come, if love and life bring us back to each other a sign from up above.  I cannot force my heart to try to simply let you in,…


When I look at you
I see all my hopes and dreams.
you make life possible
and give me a reason to breathe.
Although I thought I hated you

for the past and what you did.

Everything you say to me

replaces those evil themes.

Can't live without you

while I tried, I tried to play

Pretending Im not wishing

it will all work out someday

while you always have the upper hand

and i willingly followed through

you gotta give me something

i kinda need real proof.

I'm afriad to love you

and give you what I gave before

too much has happened

I thought we closed the final door

you makes promises to me, boy

are they sincere?

for how can I trust thee

after your record isn't clear.

This is more than just a idea

I am more than just your drug

If you finally see what you have lost

baby, im sorry but thats just tough.

Now you know how it feels to want

and wish and to not get

Fall down with the hurt

Shine down with regret
Fantasy is drowning out the reality
while you exhaust out your depravity