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Showing posts from February 7, 2010

Plastic Politics vs. Au Naturale

So in Hollywood there this supposed idea of being perfect and flawless.  What I don't understand is people thinking they have to be this all the time.  If the public knows that pictures are airbrushed, cameras add 10 pounds, HD digital film is very editable, but why is America and Hollywood so dead-set on plastic over real?  Why is it assumed that Hollywood should dictate what is beautiful because it DOES NOT truly represent the people of America.  It only represents about 1% of wealthy, enabled special fixed group that doesn't take kindly to newcomers, wannabes and fuck-ups.  Instead of celebrities, they should be called The Untouchables, because based on how they act, they are sure showing that invincibility is on their side.  If beauty is money and money is power then yes Hollywood is the dictator.  It is very sad to me that young people, women and men, have altered their ideal on what is beautiful.  I don't mind the makeup, personal hygeniene and the long flowing gown…