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The Lovely Bones: Print and Picture

If have read this blog before, you may already be aware of my fascination with the writer Alice Sebold and her book The Lovely Bones. This book has sincerely affected my life over the years since I read it, and since I read her memoir, Lucky. I think I find it special and haunting at the same time. One, a fiction story about young girl taken from earth before her first kiss and a memoir about the author's real rape and almost death and her struggles to move on in life and feel worth.

What seems so awful to me and something I have carried with me for years was the idea that innocence can be taken from the innocent. As a young woman I was very naive and afraid of the world and felt subordinate to the people who took risks, had boyfriends and grew up. I thought that if I was the most innocent one, I could control how I felt and what I wanted to give away and what I wanted to keep. My ultimate fear was rape. Holding viriginity so close, I had even had those evil thoughts that I want…

Notes on Vocal Training by Judy Rodman's Blog

Judy Rodman:

"I teach my trademarked method "Power, Path & Performance". It is a three-pronged approach to training voices that I have developed revolving around breath, open throat and authentic communication of message.

There are all kinds of methods of training voices. Here's the truth: If there is a singer (or speaker) giving a great vocal performance to a room full of vocal coaches, each coach better see his or her training method in that performance. It's that simple... vocal training must work in practical application, or it's useless!! "

Well said! As a non-trained vocal singer, I feel like I do what I can to keep my voice healthy and to not strain my voice. I do have some bad habits like many singers do, but I am working to say true to my authentic sound, but find a healthy way to bring out the best in my voice quality and continue to strengthen my instrument. Not only do I want this to be my profession but it gives me the greatest joy to…

2010 gets good...

Hello everyone. So as twenty-ten has unfolded, I can now say I'm growing up. I cannot believe at 23 I am in as much debt as I am in. I feel like I'm fairly managing to get about and am very blessed for everything I have. However I do need to stop shopping. I know I can do it, but I just ALWAYS make excuses. There are always sales and things and having new things makes me feel new and happy and sharp.

I am also writing more and living more in the present. I finally feel whole and content. It has been a long time since I've felt like I can do things on my own. Loving your friends and fmaily but not necessarily relying on them to do everything for you is a good thing. I am learning this repeatedly. I try less to make people like me, I'm not desparate for attention, people enjoy my personality and my company and I am not anxious or nervous or scared. I guess it's a part of maturation but whatever it is I'm headed down the right path. I'm searchin…