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Home Sweet Home

I feel like now that I live in an apartment with only one other person, the lovely Jessica Lyle, I can actually decorate.  Before I lived with two sisters and a friend and it was stuffed with their parents furniture and we were all claustrophobic and then I lived in a home with a 72 yr old lady whom I'd met while working at LMU.  Granted I cannot afford to collect and decorate a home and I am not in the place to amass "stuff" but I have my eye on making our little apartment a cozy home for us. 

We definitely try to keep the common areas clean so people can come over at any time.  I have to say we do a really good job of it, and I have never been this neat in my life.  I think living in an older woman's home trained me best because it was her home, and I only rented out a single room.  In that way I couldn't leave my stuff around.  I took all the with me and now I try to keep things in their places, which if you see my room is some sort of organized chaos in my eclectic little mix. 

The main things we need (not desperately but would make home more like home)
  • rugs- runners for hallway and another large area rug to keep the foot steps quiet and to warm up the joint.  I love our real hardwood floors but our lease says to cover 30% and people live below us.  I want something neutral or maybe a fun exotic print because our style meshes vintage, Andy Warhol pop art and neutrals.
  • Partisan table- for vase, mail, keys as you walk in
  • Desk- for my room.  I have a vanity for my jewelry and makeup, but I'm realizing more and and more I need a "station" if you will, to keep my music, bills, work stuff all in one spot instead of little file boxes stacked about.  I used to have a corner desk that was very useful but I sold it for $40 off craigslist when my apartment two years ago had no room for it.  I'm thinking something vintage, pine or oak with a couple drawers.  Modern doesn't suit my bedroom, but definitely small and I have just the spot for it if I rearrange a few things
  • Love seat, drawing room chair.  You know one of those cute ones, maybe leopard or zebra print with the Victorian arms and legs.  It would be a lovely addition to our living room and we have room for more seating. Would be cute with a rug and create a more homey feel since we have a large amount of open space in one section. 
  • Decorative Wall Mirrors and/or votives - Could add a nice touch but not necessary.
  • Frames - I need to get a large frame to make a Rocky Horror Collage.  I want to put in in my room or in the living room as a homage to my show in college.  I have newspaper article, pictures, tickets and a script.  Could be nice to put up to show what Ive done.  Wouldn't mind doing the same for the play, A Little Princess.  :)
  • Brown weaved basket - for the Bathroom mainly for towels for guests and to make the place look cute. It could even be a hamper if need be.  It would help with an empty space I've been trying to fill for sometime because it just looks so awkward.
I probably have a lot of other ideas because for some reason I am always thinking about what to add to the place.  But I have trouble thinking in big picture ways to tie a room together because I am so detail oriented.  So I rarely buy things even if I like them because I'm afraid not to like it and I reallllly hate returning things.  But I would like things to go together so that when I go home it doesn't feel empty.  There's a whole portion that feels empty and we've been trying to afford rugs and little things to make it all cozy.  It just takes time when you live paycheck to paycheck and are paying off a lot of debt.  I see cute things I like all the time but I will not buy it because food is more important.  One of my favorite pieces of furniture is my Victorian two drawers side table I found outside on the curb in Silver lake.  One of the best free things LA has had to offer me. 

So I'm keeping my eyes out for cute affordable ways to make our home a sweet one.

Happy Fall ! :)

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