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Good Scents will get you far

Now I am not one for frills and smells and perfumes, but I have learned that as much as I LOVE musky smells, men don't necessarily take kindly to the muskiness on me, because I am in fact female.  So I have made it my own guilty pleasure to keep what I love, but also search for something flirty, maybe even a little floral to see if I can properly woo the opposite sex with my sweet aroma.  Not only is that already a challenge to do, I am allergic to ALOT of smells and fragrances and you have to find one that matches with one's natural body scent.  I'd rather not cause myself or others any headache, quite the contrary, I am searching for a seductive and sweet scent but that keeps me relaxed and my suitors begging for more...

Here's a list of some finds that work for me so far, but I am still searching for the perfect perfume to create my signature scent.

Body Wash:  LUSH products are incredible vegetarian soaps, perfumes and body washes that use flowers and unharmful synthetics without testing on animals.  Their products promote wellness and relaxation and can even provide an illuminating glow on your skin with lasting fragrance. 


"Share a shower with our Flying Fox to ground and calm you. Our Foxy shower gel has the stunningly sensual scent of jasmine, ylang, cypress and palmarosa. It's is so relaxing that even the most frantic, frazzled person will relax into a restful mood after a warm shower."  It's addicting, arousing and memorable for your own delight as well as your gentleman's...I crave this for its Jasmine notes.
LUSH-Flying Fox

Also try for a sweeter, more innocent scent with lasting fragrance...SNOW FAIRY, only available during the holidays, so act now...try LUSH products today!! LUSH-Snow Fairy

My personal favorite is another musky sweet scent.  I get compliments all the time on this new favorite from Bath and Body Works.  When I went in to buy Twilight Woods I got a sample of the brand new, Dark Kiss, which I enjoyed even more.  I'm addicted to this scent! Key fragrance notes are sensual incense, Mirabelle plum, and night musk which is fortified with powerful ingredients like super conditioning Shea Butter, fast absorbing Jojoba Oil and protective Vitamin E, hydrates skin with moisture that lasts all day. I just can't get away from the musk, but this is feminine and sexy and people seem to love how it smell on me...WIN!

As I am trying not to smell like a man I have been either gifted or found these lovely smells that I have come to love, though still searching for the perfect one.

Very Hollywood - Michael Kors BUY here at Sephora
I begged to get this for Christmas in 2009.  I tried out samples for a good couple months until I fell in love with this fragrance.  I haven't gotten much response from friends and family but I adore the smell.
Make a glamorous escape with Michael Kors Very Hollywood. This fabulous essence features notes of sparkling mandarin, gardenia, and vetiver that are suited to a silver screen siren.
Clarins Eau Dynamisante .  This oil, best at the pulse points, has a very natural feel to it.  Not much of a perfume but more of a hint.  My mother wore it and I used to go into her room to use it, just to smell like her.  Very unique smell but I love it even though my male friends say it wasn't very feminine. 
Created by Clarins, Eau Dynamisante is the very first treatment fragrance to combine the fragrant and skin care benefits of plant extracts. It tones, revitalizes and leaves the skin lightly scented, soft and moisturized. Its non-photosensitizing formula means that it can be used safely in the sun.
  • Aromatic essential oils with treatment properties (Lemon, Patchouli, White Thyme, Petit Grain and Rosemary): scent, promote a wonderful feeling of freshness, vitality and well-being.

  • Apply all over the body after showering, exercise or at any time to refresh and boost vitality.
As much as I hate to admit it I also frequently wear Curious by Britney Spears and always get alot of comments on it.  It's a great frangrance and I love it!

would have to be Jean Paul Gaultier. Problem is I don't know which frangrance exactly because an old flame wore it and everytime I smell it I just melt.  It could be classiqe or le day I will find out.  The smell is musky and intoxicating and I adore it!! Twilight Woods I mentioned before reminds me of it sublty which is why I bought the lotion in the first place. :)  I don't like aqua type smells or anything like that.  Jusr simple musky and fresh.  Unfortunately the main AXE is actualy pretty decent, but if you only wear AXE, you usually can't afford a good cologne and probably drive a lifted truck...all things'll get me melting with the oh so subtle it!!!

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