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No Vote Alex

I feel a little bit ashamed.  Maybe embarrassed.  I always considered myself someone who really cares about what goes on with government, enough to be a Republican and enough to be not just someone that sits on the sidelines and complains about regulation and taxes.  I for one love being able to vote and express my choices on the ballet every 2-4 years or so.  But this year I have failed my own voice by not registering.  It did sneak up on me and I'm not going to a university where then, I was constantly berated to Rock The Vote.  But I do feel a little left out now and honestly, ashamed.  I'm an adult.  I could've put it on my calendar or put a note in my blackberry to register so come Nov. 2nd I'd be ok.  But I didn't.  And now in this sorry and ridiculous run for governor of California I can't complain about what a shitshow it will be either way.  I cannot express how I feel about education or gay marriage or legalizing marijuana.  I can't vote so I can vote on fees and tariffs and I am truly disappointed in myself.  I mean I for one almost ended a relationship because my boyfriend at the time voted for someone because everyone else was.  It's like a waste of a vote if you do what's popular.  Do the work, find the fucking research, fuck liberal media.  And here I am hating myself for allowing blindness and laziness to silence me.  It's a lie if you think young people don't have the power to change the world.  We do.  Our entitlement wielding generation thinks things should go our way "just cuz" but that's not the way things work.  By the 300th Anniversary of USA in 2076 I hope I'm alive to see the longest standing nation, one that hopefully doesn't crumble in capitalist greed nor overtake in communist fascism.  The balance of competition and big business allows for the little guys to struggle to the top.  If we were all the same there'd be no reason to do anything now would there be.  Free Health care may work in Europe but I doubt it would ever work here.  America's too prude, too whiny, to "prissy" to put the whole group into one lot. Designer Private Health Care may be a bitch but should non citizens (illegal aliens) deserve free treatment for being here, paid by me? My money, and evidently somehow the social security check I'm never getting?  I say no.   

Despite the blending of classes in America you cannot deplete it completely because "there will be poor always pathetically struggling, you can't save them from their lot." (A.L.Weber) Some people will always be better at getting a head.  There's no handouts, no one "deserves" anything.  You either do the work or you don't.  You grow up where you do.  From the beginning of society, people sector into classes because some people just are capable and have the means to be the one's on top, you're born into it, or you have the drive to make it so.  Stop asking for freebies.  We have freedom to do as we please here, that includes getting a job, going to school, and being a good citizen.  You could even write a book or a song and say whatever you want and not get guillotined for it.  You may not be popular for saying what's on your mind (Kanye) but the point is, you own the power to choose it and do it. 

I am sorry California for letting you down.  As we say "hasta la vista" to Governor Schwarzenegger I can barely say whether or not I am proud of his work.  But I can say that as California's spending and existing debt crumbled along with America's recession we all feel the lightness of our wallets.  We all want solutions but none of us want our lifestyles to change.  Los Angeles is a greedy town and with it's own privileged haughtiness booms with business in times of economical turmoil.  The masses turn to entertainment to stave off hungry tummies and depression and see a world without our problems or maybe to feel like we're not alone.  With our sons and fathers at war and not asking or telling, there's many other issues at hand.  The President seems like a modern day Carter without any real things happening by which to congratulate.  We needed a leader who could form a sentence so we got one, what's next?  Notice there's nothing about race here, because there aren't any.  Aren't we all American.  Let freedom ring and vote!!

So we can get to, what's next.
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