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Halloween in Haunting its way on over....

***UPDATED: ***
Halloween Costumes. How does one decide? You could pick a popular trend or celebrity or go with the basics. I for one refuse to spend alot of money on halloween so I usually rummage through my closet and then Aahs, Aardvarks, thrift stores and Target/Walmart for the little things. I'm usually successful as I tend to collect costume pieces and accessories anyway!! So I just thought I'd give some ideas and advice for cool costumes:!!

CHECK OUT MY 2011 costume page Sparkle Barbie's Big Adventure

Lara Croft Halloween 2010 - 
Made from household items, found clothes.  I purchased two small guns from Halloween store and made my own holsters out of cardboard and string
Dog the Bounty Hunter and Kenny Powers - FABULOUS
Lara Croft and Cotton Candy :D
Cailtin as Pebbles from Flinstones!!
Garrett bedazzeled this jacket for the effect 
Daft Punk from TRON
Cruella Devil
Rosie the Riveter!! :D
Black Swan
My friend OWNED this and it was before the movie even came out!!
Lara, Jack and Snooki
snooki and her pickles
Look at that Michael Jackson! aww yeah
Foosball and Pirates :D
One of my personal favs - Avatar - ONLY if you are THIS good. :D
Sesame Street
Sarah Palin 2008

If you are dress like a penis or sperm you are LAME and proly an A-hole...just saying.

If you are wearing a mask, drinking alcohol becomes increasingly difficult. Factor that in when searching for costumes, and they are disgusting. I'm sorry but no one is hooking up with dude in Freddy Kruger mask...........EVER!

If you paint your face, please wear a sealer or powder over it, nothign is more gross than a sweaty guy or girl at a party with runny white makeup/blood dripping down their face unless that was the intended outfit!

Girls....IF Wear short skirts, outfits whatever, please wear something lacy or cute that resembles shorts or briefs and not just a thong or nothing its gross.  I know many may not care because they just want to look hot or have a good time on halloween.  But please keep in mind how an oversexualized outfit may be someone's fantasy and you may look amazing, but it also puts out an oversexualized image of YOU as well.  Please be aware that not wearing alot and being wasted may not always result in good decision making, especially around other hot men and women, and especially in skantily klad outfit which could wrongfully project what you're down for. There could be unwanted advances or awkward situations so please take care of yourselves, have a sober friend/Designated Driver and make sure you are all safe!
Cat costumes are ALWAYS cute, but try to spice it up! You don't neeeed to wear leather, that overkill. Don't want to risk looking like a domanatrix. Just be sexy and cute.
or for work...
classy for work if you are allowed to wear costumes :D 
Tobias from ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT!!  Seriously!!! he's  never nude! aand he looks exactly like David Cross!! Genuis and ORIGINAL!!
Shayan as Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks!! Faboosh!!! and it only cost $5
Witches!!! Not gonna lie my costume is for a 6yr old! But it fit perfectly and I added boots and tights!! Found the dress at a thrift store!! Been reused a few times and always a winner!!
Nice abs Jada!! Be a sexy girl scout, but dont forget to bring cookies! She actually did have some to share it was amazing!
Last year I was a pirate! It was really fun and sexy but people could def tell what I was!  My brother-in-law was Kip that night from Napoleon Dynamite.

Michael Jackson...good, but he was creepy.
Well we have friends who work at Hooters, who helped supply the authentic costume pieces.  Real shirts, aprons and shorts and TIGHTS and scrunch socks!!!
That's my gals Alison, Samantha and my lovely sister, Danielle
BEER PONG with the guy from DODGEBALL! Seriously hand_made costume with a very important cherry ball accessory and the voice to match.  NOTE: do not use cherry ball ad Beer Pong game ball!
When your dad is as cool as mine, and LOVES HALLOWEEN, he MAY or MAY NOT look like this on OCT 31!! At the Sneak Joint for some $12 steaks my dad rocked Frankenstein outfit to the the T!

White Snake - Poison - Guns-n-Roses
an excuse for these gentlemen to rock and roll their way into your pants!

ROCKY HORROR THEMED COSTUMES!!! Magenta, Columbia, Frankenfurter and ROCKY in that sexy gold number :)

Here I was Krissy Snow from Three's A Company and two other 70s gals!

Kelly got most pieces from JoAnn Fabrics and Aardvarks! She whipped out the sewing kit and got right to it! :) Kelly is the best and made a beautiful ARIEL

Everyone if you're partying for Halloween this year, BE SAFE and have a great time.  Good luck with the costume search!

More ideas: Aladdin, Carlton from Fresh Prince, Baseball Player, TinkerBell, Disney Princesses, Sundae, Chia Pet, Waldo, Safari dude, Steampunk 1800s guy, warrior, Green Lantern, a panda, and so much more!!

Alexandria in Hollywood readers! 
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