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Climb Every Mountain


 Los Angeles is one busy city but has access to just about anywhere else (i.e. Vegas, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Malibu, Hollywood).  There's so much to do here even though living in LA can prove taxing with all that smog and traffic, it makes you want to just stay put and deal with where you're at.  But if you plan it out right or maybe in some cases, don't plan at all. you may find some hidden gems here in Hollywoodland. 

       I have been searching for some calmness in my life.  If you too, have been looking for a way to center I'd suggest hiking!!  This Saturday I went to Runyon Canyon Park with some friends and went on the tough trail.  At 9:30a the heat hadn't spiked yet and the haze was just about to burn off.  As I enter from Vista St, I am greeted by a Bernise Mountain dog, a Pitbull, and a slender great Dane that walked right up to me and  walked just beneath my hand for a pat on the head.  You can bring your dog if you wish and they don't even need a leash in some parts, and of course only on the easy trails.  Being awake and not hungover on a Saturday and actually moving around in nature was really what I needed.  The trail was a challenge and it felt good to embrace it even though I could barely breathe.  I wanted to finish the hike and get to the FREE YOGA (donations accepted) that they have there everyday at 10:30a (S-S).  I had my mat, I was all warmed up, had breathed in some thin air, and yoga in the park was the icing on the cake. Granted the ground was a little uneven, but the sun was out and we were stretching through a breeze, beneath the trees in a deep Warrior II that felt so much better outdoor than in the confines of a studio.  Yogis from novice to advanced join there together for some शांति "shanti" (Sanskrit for "peace") I challenged myself to poses I hadn't tried and even wobbled around a bit.  But it's ok, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.  Let's just say after the hike and yoga, after savansa had me chanting my mantra "oh mi na" I felt refreshed.

There's also many other places to hike and I have just begun on my journies. 
Check out LA MOUNTAINS to see all the many places in LA with trails: From Moorpark to Whitter to Malibu, you'll never have enough weekend time to see it all.

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