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Girl: Taken

Where have you taken her
that girl I used to know
one that loved openly
and with her heart in tow
now in a new light
future seems to dim
where is this confusing world
that girl is living in?
How will she know
whats true without you?
how many broken dreams
will disillusion allow to
fold and bend and break
another childish mistake
how more of this can she take
in this life, in this life.
to be told shes not enough
even though she knows she is
makes her kind of wonder
if they are right, what did she miss?
If damaged goods have left her
branded and alone
who will stay to love her
who will stay to call her own.
Now she is not a victim nor weak nor sad
just a girl, lost, jaded
without the one man's heart, her dad.
Even when she's not looking,
his place she tries to fill
if he never cared enough, then no other man will
too many expectations
no one call fill the gap
of the love shes needs, the loves she breathes
to love, she will be trapped.
she can guarantee nothing
but she'll care for you without regard
because taking care of others
comes naturally from her heart
she forgets herself and gives too much
because its all she knows
where will be the time, her turn
when someone else does her chores.
She doesnt give up or walk away
or want to say goodbye
to the joy in her, the joy in him
but now all she does is cry.

Where is that happy girl
who hopes and dreams
where is that girl
where is she in me...
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