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Plastic Politics vs. Au Naturale

So in Hollywood there this supposed idea of being perfect and flawless.  What I don't understand is people thinking they have to be this all the time.  If the public knows that pictures are airbrushed, cameras add 10 pounds, HD digital film is very editable, but why is America and Hollywood so dead-set on plastic over real?  Why is it assumed that Hollywood should dictate what is beautiful because it DOES NOT truly represent the people of America.  It only represents about 1% of wealthy, enabled special fixed group that doesn't take kindly to newcomers, wannabes and fuck-ups.  Instead of celebrities, they should be called The Untouchables, because based on how they act, they are sure showing that invincibility is on their side.  If beauty is money and money is power then yes Hollywood is the dictator.  It is very sad to me that young people, women and men, have altered their ideal on what is beautiful.  I don't mind the makeup, personal hygeniene and the long flowing gowns, its a part of the tradition of fashion and beauty, but there's a line when people try to defy aging (a naturally beautiful process) and put sillicone in their bodies to reach perfection. 

How insecure you must be if plastic, changing yourself, makes you feel more like you?  I can understand that being made fun your whole life, like I was, can really affect your self-image.  But what people need to work on is their love for themselves inside and out rather than changing the outside to please everyone else. 

I know Heidi Montag thinks it's a complement to be blogged about but honey, your 23, when will you learn nobody cares.  Your album is called Superficial, you look like a tranny and you declare you did this for yourself, but all you have done is whine and cry that people are judging you.  You live in the public eye, by your fame-whoring choice, and you chose to shed your natural cuteness to be a poster child for plastic barbie-ville.  Anything about you that was once authentic is now gone.  Now honey, I don't know you as a person and I can't control how the media perceives you, just like the liberals run the news, but what I can say is that you did this to yourself.  You wanted to fit in, you did what was popular.  Now you are so disillusioned by your own changes, you want acceptance from your loved ones..Spencer and your mom, but what they see is someone who is empty and shallow, so insecure and broken and desperate.  It is veerrrry sad.  So while you like the free press and PR people care less and less about you, because you don't respect yourself or the natural beauty you were before.  You were a cute girl, with a natural smile and now your husband does know you anymore.  You claim he loves what's inside, but I guarantee if you were naturally heavier set, he wouldntve married you. 

The point of being authentic, loving who you are the way God made you, is because everyone is unqiue.  The very point is to see what unique things you bring to the table and what wonderful things you can add and take to and from the people around you.  I work in Hollywood too and yes everyone is taller, blonder, bigger busted, tanner, prettier, gustsier and more souless than I'd ever want to be.  I'd much rather be little ol' me.  Because I am not like everyone else, and I'm NOT what is popular but everyone still knows who I am anyway.  And it's not because of my boobs or my hot abs, its because of my talents and my personality. 
I may not make-it to super stardom, but I think it's because I've found something better.  I at least am comfortable with who I am and have been enjoying the path of growing up.  I love being in pictures and looking great too, anyone can hire someone who knows how to use photoshop.  BUt that doesn't mean I have to walk about everyday looking like a magazine cover.  I can wear sweatpants, and not wear makeup and still be confident.  I can be naked and love what I see, even all the imperfections.  What is so incredible is the opportunity to even live and breathe at all and the fact that all my organs work right and my body knows how to heal itself and work without me even thinking about it.  Life is what is incredible. 

I am a beautiful woman, all 5'4'' of me with my 32B breasts and my size 6.5 shoe.  I may not have giselle's height, beyonce's ass or penelope cruz's rack but I love who I am and what I am.  And I know my friends and family appreciate that I know I'm good enough to love myself and be loved by others.  THAT kind of confidence, THAT kind of love, will ALWAYS trump those that ledit themselves to look like Barbie Dolls.  If that's your choice, I feel sorry for you.  Now I say if it's broke fix it, but not when it comes to your ego and self-esteem.  Be honest women, you're not doing it for yourself, you're doing it for Man, and for attention.  So please get over youself, find a passion and do something valuable in this world.  Because all the money you put into your body and all that plastic will mean NOTHING to God and to anyone after your dead.  Just learn to love who you are.  Being pretty is fun, self-improvement is healthy, BUT you need to know that just BEING HOTT has no value.  Since when did women stoop to just wanting to be objects, I though we were telling the world we weren't and that we deserve equality.  Yet we dress showing too much skin and sell our sexualtiy so that men will want us, want to fuck us.  We don't do it for love, we do it for lust.  Because somehow being lusted after is the biggest prize.  Why else would you make your boobs so big (back aches) your waist so thin (starving yourself) and try soooo hard to be popular. 

I'd rather be the cute girl in the corner playing guitar, writing songs, drinking coffee in my little dress completely content with myself than play that dangerous game the Hollywood club is playing.  Granted I am trying to make it in the business and some people do make it only because they do whatever possible to do so.  Some people make it because they are authentic and try really hard.  I may dye my hair, go to the gym and wear cute clothes, but I know that underneath all that I will always be me.  I would never cut myself open and stretch, pinch and cut anypart of what God blessed me with. 

Ladies, Genltemen, love yourselves.  You can only fully live and love others if you are a whole person who can love yourself.

Love always,

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