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Showing posts from November 1, 2009

Love love love, Crazy love...

I don't believe that there is just one person out there, for anyone.  There is no true love, there is no fairy tale.  This does not mean that I do not believe in love or passion or a great love, just that despite all the romance and movies and stories, we all must be realistic and live our lives in appreciation off "what is" than constantly break ourselves apart for what "we think it should be."

Throughout my life I have been in the middle of divorce, heartbreak and disappointment, but I have also been in love, completely infatuated, and loved in return.  All of that has brought me to where I am today, and I am in constant edit mode on finding new perspectives on love and life.

Trust may be the easiest AND the hardest thing for me.  Because I so easliy trust others and have high expecations, I easily get hurt and disappointed, so to over-compensate for that, I have trouble trusting and therefore I am sometimes not that reliable to others, for if they can't …