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My 2009 List of Favorite Fiction Books

I don't know if I have an order of which goes before the other, but just like music or a movie or a poem can change your life, so did these novels, change mine.  I cannot say that I am a great reader or one who reads often, but my life has allowed me some time for these incredible words that gave my heart and imagination some light.  Now I am the kind of reader that feels a part of the novel and become very invested in its characters.  I like books with a bit of wit to them but mostly ones that are smooth, with sentences and prose that roll off your mind's tongue as they flow in and out of the psyche.  It amazing at any rate that we can read a book at all, looking at symbols and knowing what they stand for, knowing whats someone says through literary elements, punctuation, grammar and so many parts of our language that communicates.  These books got to me, either through its flow, language or tone and taught me something valuable that I believe I should share.  Not everyone ta…

If ya like it, then you shoulda put a RING on it!!

NOOOO I am not engaged, but I am anticipating my diamond ring to be returned to me after seven years!!!  This is so exciting.  My diamond fell out in my uncle's pool when I was 15 and my parents are just now able to get it back to be refurbished, shined and improved!! I cannot wait to get my ring back after all of these years and finally be a part of the pact again.

My sister and I received matching rings at the July 27, 1996 nuptials after the benediction at the alter in the wedding that my sister and I gave our mother away.  It was beautiful and a planned surprise that I will always cherish.  It we be so wonderful to wear a ring as a reminder of our family and how it has grown and stayed together throughout these many tough years!!!

Because I have not had it for some time my sister's and mine are no longer identical, but it will always be special as it has grown up just as we have. 

White gold!! my ring!!