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Showing posts from October 18, 2009

Good v. Evil

There are many evils in the world that tempt us everyday!.  This is just common knowlegde.  Without evil, how would we value the good?  How could we separate it unless we judged the degree of good in our lives, based on the lack or surplus of it.  Everyone sees evil in different shapes and sizes and what may be one person's serpent could be another's miracle.  But being raised in the Catholic tradition since birth, certain evils seem to have stayed steadfast as such my whole life.  But in the process of maturation and seeing the world through new eyes, those of an adult I can only question what now, is good or evil.

Evil could be debt, liars, the government as it is now run, socialism, carbs and all sorts of silly things that affect my life. 

But one good evil thing about my life is alcohol.  What is so good about it anyway.  I really couldn't tell you anything good about it at all except for my joy and enthusiasm for the art of beer and all it's many tastes.  It seem…