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That is all!

My Christmas Wish List!

1.  Michael Kors
     Very Hollywood
     Eau de Parfum, 1 oz or 1.7 oz. MACY'S $45-$65

2.  UGG Classic Cardy Gray Boot
     Size 6/6.5
     $140 Nordstrom, Victoria's Secret or Sport Chalet

3.  Sephora Gift Card

4.  A roundtrip to Boston

5.  500-count sheets Navy or Brown
     Target $30-$60

6.  Chargers Women's Jersey/ actually a Child Large would be better (and cheaper)

7.  Britney Spears Singles album $29.99
8.  Gift card to Victoria's Secret/ Target
Thanks MOM!!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hey Everyone!!

Just wanted to remind you all to wear your pink ribbons and clothing and help support awareness and education for this special month of October!!

I know my Marians ladies at Loyola Marymount University will be rockin' their "Save Second Base" shirts this month and spreading the word.

Donate and educate and save those Ta-Ta's

For more information Check out
Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

even rock your Victoria Secret PINK gear!


Ok First of all, this is the best improv, comedy short, sketch-comedy, awesome group since SNL! If you like UCB (Upright Citizen Brigade) and other silly adventures, I'm sure you will love this. They poke fun at current events and all the things that make you go, "Huuuh!" They do live shows have quoteable lines and are constant pushing the envelope!!Video Favorites are "Gay Assasins," "Toyota Faggot," and "September." I found out about this website and group in 2006 and they still keep me laughing. Give 'em a chance and get a chuckle!! I'm still trying to locate an older video they took down!! Where one man cat-sits and then his friend falls in love with her and a cat-napping occurs and a dildo and a sword are involved somehow. Let me just it's a timeless classic. They definitely need more talk by the watercooler and need to be on so they can get their name out there! Check 'em out!http://www.dutchwest.…