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Showing posts from September 27, 2009

the end

When it's done
you'll know
when it's done
you'll grow
When it's done
you'll move on

How come
it is hard
to mend
a heart
and to
from who
you were

To love again
who cares
while alone
you wouldnt
though dreams
are all you have

you reach
for what
you want
but push
it far
to make
you feel

that somehow
who you
loved there
isnt washed

who are
you anyway?

am i
safer now
now that
i am
am i
closer now
now that
i have grown

who will
tell me
when I'm
with being
and dumb

and love
me for
who i am
and not
for what
I've done.

RUSH STREET Restaurant

Hey all!! Just wanted to let you in on a little secret!

RUSH STREET RESTAURANT in Downtown Culver City. I chose this venue for my recent 23rd birthday party (eew, its just wierd saying 23) anyways it was pretty awesome. Here's the highlights.

So I made an 8pm dinner reservation for a saturday for about 11 people. We got a little section with a long table in the back where we all fit comfortably. The first floor is the restaurant with a long bar and many belly bar tables and bar stools, a patio out front. We enjoyed over lovely gourmet burgers and pastas and belgian ales. Everyone seemed to gloat about the food, which was nice since I had never been there before that day and didn't know what to expect. My friend had suggested this place to me and after looking online I decided to pick it.

GOOD CHOICE. Not only was the food great the ambience was also fun. Our waitress was superb and set my group up with stamps to get into the second floor club/lounge area where they have a full b…