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Dreams :: Interpretations

Ok so I am in a funk. This funk has been caused by a series, yes series of dreams that I can't quite understand. I haven't been dreaming very much, but the last couple nights, they have been very vivid and memorable in my mind. So the only way to get out of this and not burden my friends/family/priest, I'll spilll the beans here and try to lay it all out.

Dream one: Family, loss, death of Shayan

Ok so this was wierd. I can only paraphrase because it was the other day. But basically for some reason I was creeping around outside my Uncles Corey's house. And I'm nto sure why. But I noticed that he was home and with what looked like a garden party or something. Not really sure. Then I started to feel left out because, why wasn't I invited. Then as I walked around the house I was somewhere else, at a home I didn't know. It was a huge family and everyone was crying. Then I found out my friend Shayan had died and no one told me. It was service at the …